Become a Mila Friend

Earn extra money by helping your neighbors with their tech challenges - where and when you want.

Start solving tech challenges near you

Are you a techie through and through, regularly taking your time to help others with their tech challenges, and you think it's now time to get paid for your efforts?

Once your profile has been approved, log in to the Mila App and start receiving service requests in your region. Each time a new request pops up nearby, we send you a push notification. It's then your decision to accept or decline the job - total freedom.

Become the local hero and help people with their tech challenges

Discover and learn more about the latest tech with the Mila Academy

Decide when and where you're available for maximum flexibility

Enjoy a new revenue stream
For each completed service, you receive the payout that was indicated in the service request. Our pricing is competitive and will help you achieve your next income goal.

Gain insights into new tech
Through our partnerships with premium retailers and brands, discover and install the latest tech solutions for various customers and show them the full potential of their devices.

Join a tech-savvy community
Already more than 10,000 people registered as Mila Friends in Europe and regularly exchange on tech news, product reviews and next trends.

Maximise your payouts
Increase your earnings by accepting express services that need to be completed within a few hours at the customer's place or remotely.

Access extra perks
Take part in community events, contests with give-aways prices and benefit from a special deal with a payment terminal company so you instantly receive your payout.

Get help when you need it
Our team stands ready to assist you whenever you have a doubt or an issue with a specific service. Contact by phone, chat or email - we're available for you.

Register and start completing jobs

1) Accept a request

When a customer books a service near you, we send you a push via the Mila app. If the request suits you, then accept it and contact the customer by phone.

2) Complete the job

Depending on the booking, support the client remotely by video call or go there at the desired date and time. At the end of the service, gets their signature via the Mila app.

3) Get paid

Wave goodbye to your happy customer, ask for a rating and receive your payout directly on your bank account and... get ready for your next service.

Frequently asked questions

As new companies start offering the Mila service to their customers every quarter, it is hard to give an exact overview of the most common services. However, for the moment, most of the service requests are for setting up Wifi, wallmounting a TV or troubleshooting a printer. Whenever a new service offering is launched, we communicate that to our community, so you have time to get ready and complete the training on the Academy.

It depends on the payment method chosen by the customer when booking the service. Either it's by credit card - in that case, you receive the money within the week, directly on your bank account, or it's by invoice - in that case we send an invoice to the customer on your behalf, with which the customer can transfer you the money directly.

To make sure you're authorized to work in France, you need to provide your contact details, a copy of your passport or identity card, a copy of your criminal background, and your bank details, so we can transfer you the money. We guide you every step of the onboarding and give you some hints on how to get these documents for smooth registration.

As Mila Friend in France, this is your liability insurance that covers cases where something wrong would happen. So simply make sure to own a liability insurance before registering.

As part of our identity check, you are asked to provide a copy of your criminal background. In France, you can obtain this document within minutes at no cost. Simply enter your name and date of birth in the official form.