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How Mila works

Internet not working? In need of a rocket scientist to set up your home cinema? We can help. Tell us your tech challenge, where and when you need us and our intelligent algorithm will match you with a Mila Partner who will come to you. There is no need to queue in a store, hand over your device or post it to a service center. Our Mila partner does the job in front of you.

1. Tell us how we can help

Choose the repair or tech service you need and the date and time you need it. Mila's smart algorithm pairs you with the best tech expert for the job.

2. Fixed at a Time and Place You Choose, Fast

A tech expert will arrive at your home or meeting point to demo, install or repair your tech.

3. Pay, rate, relax

Once the job is completed and you’re satisfied, the last step is to pay, rate and relax.

Guaranteed to be carefree!

Happiness guaranteed

We're confident that you'll be completely satisfied with our service.

If you are not satisfied with the quality or level of service you've received, our Mila Customer Service will help resolve any problems.

You don't pay until the service has been completed to your satisfaction. That's what we call "happiness guaranteed".

Trust & Support Fee (Friends)

A Trust & Support Fee is added to each customer invoice. This fee applies to Friend Services only and helps Mila to offer the best customer service, covering various operational costs and support measures like insurance, background checks.

Mila Partners

Mila Friend (Tech Fan)

  • Qualified private individuals from your area, excited about technology and tested by Mila

  • Mila is a mediator. Friends work as freelancers to earn extra income

  • The liability remains with the Friends; Mila helps to resolve any problems

  • Non-binding price recommendations by Mila. Customers and Friends agree the price together

  • Suitable for advice, support and simple installation/setup tasks

  • Attractive pricing

  • Flexible service times: Mon – Sun, 7 am – 10 pm

Mila Professional (Tech Expert)

  • Qualified IT company/electrician

  • Services carried out as a subcontractor of Mila

  • Insurance coverage directly through Mila

  • Fixed prices

  • Suitable for both complex and straightforward services

  • Services requiring specific technical skills, certifications or tools

  • Optimal service times: Mon – Fri 8 am – 6 pm, Sat 8 am – 1 pm

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