Security Camera Installation (non-wired)

45 GBP
60 Min.

What's the point of having the best surveillance camera if it's not installed correctly? We'll help you set up your IP camera and configure everything for remote access.

Service information

  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Service provided by a Mila Friend.**
  • Assesment of installation area.
  • Device installation and setup.
  • Connection to smart home security system.
  • Connection to smart assitant device.
  • Mobile app setup.
  • A brief tutorial.
  • Note: This service is not suitable for the installation of a wired security camera. Electrical or wiring services are not included nor allowed.
**Mila Friends are technically skilled people who help people in their neighbourhood as a side job.


Make your selection depending on the intended use and location as well as the desired properties. Price also determines the model. There is no all-inclusive solution.
There are many good outdoor cameras. It's best to make a purchase decision with the help of a specialist who can provide valid suggestions based on specific customer requirements and the surveillance site.
A WLAN camera or surveillance camera is integrated into a home network. It is automatically motion-activated although manual selections are also possible. It works locally via an app as well as remotely.
A WLAN camera can't influence internet access if it is installed and functioning correctly.
Security Camera Installation (non-wired)
45 GBP