15’’ Meural WiFi Photo Frame Installation

£40 / 45 min.

Payment only upon full satisfaction

Set date & time of your preference

Transparent and all-inclusive pricing

Facts & Figures

45 Minutes (estimate)
Mila Friend UK
  • Journey of service technicians
  • Full support from our customer service
  • A preliminary assessment by phone shortly after

Service information

  • This installation service concerns the following products :
  • MC315GDW
  • Unpacking of devices
  • Placement of screen upon client's wish (horizontal or vertical)
  • Basic Configuration of Meural App (brightness, scheduling and transfer of up to 5 images)
  • Introduction to Meural App (how to upload pictures, SD card, appliance control via gesture or via app)
  • Presentation of Meural Subscription Services and Meural Market Place

Please note:

Note: An existing WiFi network and a power socket must be present and accessible.
15’’ Meural WiFi Photo Frame Installation