Orbi WiFi 960 System Installation, < 4 Satellites

£55 / 75 min.

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Facts & Figures

75 Minutes (estimate)
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  • Journey of service technicians
  • Full support from our customer service
  • A preliminary assessment by phone shortly after

Service information

  • This installation service concerns the following Orbi systems:
  • RBKE963 – RBKE963B - RBKE964
  • RBKE964B - RBKE965 – RBKE965B
  • Unpacking of devices
  • Installation of a router on an existing fibre or DSL connection
  • Connection of router to switch port
  • Deactivation of current WiFi
  • Installation of Orbi router within App or browser
  • Setup of new network
  • Connection up to 6 devices to new network
  • Creation of guest network
  • Installation of Orbi satellites via App
  • Placement of Orbi satellites as wished
  • Explanation on how to connect extra devices to WLAN (if named differently, otherwise done automatically)
  • Introduction to basic functions Orbi App (password, name, speed test, and network overview)
  • Demonstration of Armor Cyber Security (free trial 30 days)

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Orbi WiFi 960 System Installation, < 4 Satellites