9 Tips on How to Hide Your TV Cables.

Does your living room look like a jungle of cables? After setting up your dream home theatre system, you cannot simply enjoy your favourite TV shows the messy TV cables making things look ugly. Gaming consoles, HDMI cables, Blu-ray players, and Android boxes, all have cables.

Considering the volume of cables and wires that people have to deal with, managing and hiding them can be a tough job. Fortunately, there are a few easy and useful ways to hide TV cables and make your entertainment hub look clutter-free.

Here are 9 tips on how to hide tables in your home:

1. Use a Wall Mount and Duct Tape

By using a TV wall mounting, you can hide the one or two hanging TV cables tying them together. Then just put a paint matching the wall, and get hidden in plain sight.

You can use another alternative way, which is buying a cable concealer. The concealer kits come with a plastic track down where you can feed your TV cables. These concealers are available in neutral colours and they will add a stylish look to your home theatre system.

2. Tug the Cables in a Cable Wrap

Although a cable wrap will not hide your TV cables, it will help you manage them neatly and you can identify the right cables easily. The single strand of the cable will make the cables look more coordinated and stylish.

Also, there are cable zipper cord organisers available with a zip tool. By using a zipper cord organiser you can bundle one end of the cables together and place them into the zip tool.

3. Cable Tubing

Another innovative method to hide your TV cables is to use tubing. By consolidating all the cables by using a dangling tube, the cables will be hidden behind the TV and stay organised.

Tubes are made with foam, and you can easily wrap it around the cables. This way, you will get rid of the “cable chaos.” You can make this type of tube yourself from any soft and wrappable material provided it is not inflammable.

4. Using a TV Stand

You can use a TV stand that has an open backside for hiding your TV cables. Place the stand against the wall and let the cables stay safely out of sight. This is perhaps the easiest and the laziest way to hide cables, but people have been using this for years.

TV stands are available in various shapes and sizes, and each of them has a specific design to accommodate different types of televisions. If you have a flat screen TV, you can pick a flat-screen TV stand, which will be a stylish way to hide your TV cables. You can also get TV stands for LEDs, OLEDs, and other TVs.

5. Hide Cables with a Furniture

One of the ideal ways to hide your TV cables is to use a cabinet instead of a wall mount. Use a command cord clip to add the anchor cables along the edges. Then press the clips to make them stick. Thereafter hook the cables one by one. After that run the cables neatly down the legs of your cabinet.

6. Slip the cables into a cable organiser

You can use a cable organiser to hide the TV cables. If your TV is on a TV mount, consider buying or installing the organiser to hold the cables inside it. Place all your cables there. If your TV is on a TV cabinet or stand, use a drawer in the stand or cabinet.

Also, by using a power drill, you can modify a piece of furniture to insert the cables and hide them.

Hide the tangling TV cables in the wall with recessed cable plates. First, you need to use a stud finder and identify two areas that are stud-free behind the wall. Use a knife to cut in those places and fit in two cable plates. Now, feed the cables through the wall. This way, you can hide all the cables.

8. Hide the Cables Using a Baseboard

If the TV cables are low to the ground, you may tangle and trip over. This is why coil them along the baseboard. It is better to buy a cord channel and line it up against your basement. A good quality cord channel would be impact-resistant and self-adhesive. You can even paint them to match it with the interior design and wall paint to have an aesthetic appeal.

9. Cover the Cables Using Artificial Plants

Lastly, you can cover the cluttered TV cables camouflaging behind artificial greenery. The best part is you do not have to water or maintain those plants. They will just stay there and keep the cables hidden. Although fake, artificial plants will add nice foreground and blend in well.