How to save on energy costs with Christmas lights.

We love everything about Christmas – the food, the family, the Christmas market visits, warm spiced wine, carols, shopping, and of course, the family time we spend together. But there is one thing that annoys everyone – the MASSIVE hike in the electricity bill that comes after. 

The lights look lovely – and let’s be honest, it would, indeed, be a dull Christmas without them, but they would be even better if they didn’t cost our pockets and the environment so much. But it doesn’t have to be like this – with smart tech, it is entirely possible to get all the X-mas cheer for LESS. Here’s how – 

Replace with LED.

Namely, your old energy-drinking incandescent lights with LED ones. These conserve energy all around and are much easier to put up and store after use. 

If you have decided to buy new lights, then there are several smart energy-efficient options in the market. The smart tech market offers LED strings, Christmas tree LED strings, café string lights, LED pre-lit X-mas trees, spotlights, laser light projectors, and more. 

Buy a smart plug to automate your lights.

This can help cut down consumption by ensuring your lights switch off at the right time. They can be controlled from an app that allows you to set a timer to make sure no lights get left on during the day.

Most smart light options come with an app controller function that allows you to control not just the power on and off but also the colour or lighting pattern – all from your phone!  

The Christmas lights shelf has plenty of options to choose from, which ensures that you get all the sparkle without burning a hole in your pocket. But there are also other energy-saving tips you can practice, such as –  

  • Throw on an extra sweater and turn down the thermostat just a bit.

  • Take care to switch off ALL appliances when not in use (this is something you should practice always)

  • Downsize your decorations or reduce the time they are switched on  

  • Use mirrors to reflect your lights and make them shine brighter

Ultimately, Christmas is all about feeling good, and keeping within your budget will make sure that you carry the X-mas feel-good factor well into the next year.