Using tech to make homes smart and safe for seniors.

Everyone is ageing, and while it brings some wisdom to life, it also brings security and dependency aspects to it. Using relevant technology can help to create a smarter and safer home for your loved ones.

With age, our needs change – movement is slower and more difficult, strength declines, and reflexes slow down – not to mention the added challenges brought on by illnesses. As the chance of accidents increase and homecare becomes difficult, many elders are forced to leave their homes and move to healthcare facilities. Smart home technology can slow down this entire process by giving seniors more control over their environments – making them comfortable, independent, and safe. 

Many devices in the smart home tech market cover the entire spectrum of senior care challenges. Here are some that we can recommend from our extensive field experience – 

One of the most important priorities for seniors is to overcome the obstacles of reduced mobility.

Mobility issues can range from walking slowly to being completely bedridden, and many smart gadgets can make life much easier for elders. We would recommend installing smart video doorbells and smart locks – which can save them a trip to the door and let in family members remotely. Gadgets such as smart lights and voice-controlled hubs and devices also give the older family members a chance to control important activities remotely. 

Reducing housework.

Intelligently integrated automation can significantly reduce the housekeeping workload of homeowners as they grow older. The first mention goes to the most strenuous and time-consuming task – cleaning, which can now be outsourced to smart devices easily. We would recommend you get a robotic vacuum cleaner like Roomba along with a smart robotic mop (Irobot Braava Jet 240 is pretty good) to lighten the load. There is also smart kitchen technology, which can help by reducing the cooking time and automating regular tasks like coffee making.


Let us first start with outside security – motions sensors, CCTV cameras, smart locks, and doorbells along with a fully monitored smart alarm system are a must to ensure complete physical security from robberies, break-ins, and things like fire.

But with elders, there is an even greater need to keep them safe inside the house. Smart ovens and smart plugs can ensure electric devices are switched off. Video cameras inside the house can allow caregivers or family members to keep an eye on them remotely. You can even install motion sensors hooked with alerts inside the house to monitor movements, so that family members can be altered in case of emergencies. 

Smart medical and fall alert devices can keep seniors healthier in the long-run and provide preventive healthcare. Here the tech market offers a wide range of gadgets, and you can choose according to the specific medical needs. At the simpler side of the range, we have smart pill dispensers, which make sure vital medication stays on schedule and wearables such as fall alert bracelets, blood glucose or blood pressure monitoring devices, and smart EKG machines that provide 24×7 remote clinical monitoring.  

The common perception is that advanced years don’t go with advanced technology, but we believe with some professional installation services, and on-going managed support, technology can provide seniors an improved quality of life while also giving their families peace of mind.