Which new devices were presented at the E3 2021?

The world of video gaming, which is niche yet futuristic, has opened avenues yet again with new launches and products. Every year, software, hardware, and game developers from around the globe gather to showcase their offerings.

With the video gaming industry already picking up, there are more and more takers year after year. Newer technology and innovations further breed into the immersive narrative of video games. As the building blocks of online video games, the event unleashes the nerd mode of all technocrats. So, all you gamers can now collectively rejoice with enthusiasm with yet another set of new products and innovations.

Following are the devices that were presented at the E3 2021:

1.) The Turtle Beach Recon Controller

Available for $59.95, the Turtle Beach Recon Controller is the company’s first-ever entry into the controller accessory space. And what a stellar entry has it been! It is much like the Undertaker taking to the WWF arena.

Coming back to the E3, the Recon controller is no hype or fad. It is a wired gamepad that comes with textured grips. These provide a cooling sensation to the hands during use. The two remappable rear buttons and a Pro-Aim focus built mode helps with precision. The jargon - Pro-Aim - should be self-explanatory. If it is not, then it caters to aiming. It is especially invaluable while you are at it for games such as Call of Duty and Fortnite.

2.) Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2

The release date says September 2020, but it was presented at the E3 2021 event, given the cancellation of the previous event. Available for $149.95, gamers can now enjoy profound onboard audio controls. The gaming headset helps you to spot enemy footsteps, hence giving you a competitive edge. With this one, you now have the time to be ready for the attack. The mic monitoring is stellar and enables you to hear your voice crystal-clear. The multiple sound profiles allow you to change the tone and pitch of your voice, as per your preference.

3.) Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2

Priced at $349.95, the Turtle Beach Flight Simulator controller is a groundbreaking device that debuted in the gaming simulation hardware subsector of the video gaming industry at the E3. The VelocityOne Flight simulation control system is designed for Xbox in collaboration with aeronautical engineers and pilots. The professionalism and tech expertise from engineers and pilots has impeccable effects on gamers.

Gamers can now avail of intuitive and realistic controls. Irrespective of your experience level, this one will keep you in good stead. The system is an all-inclusive one that keeps you ready, anywhere and at any time, to experience the thrills of flight. It has a 180-degree yoke handle for convenient movement. The built-in rudder controls at the fingertips provide precision and control.

Another unique feature is the modular throttle quadrant with an integrated trim wheel, including lever and vernier controls for enhanced functionality. Lastly, it comes with ten programmable buttons and a full-colour display.

4.) The Arcade 1UP Infinity Game Table

The E3 2021 also brought to the cohort a designated game table for hosting family board game nights. With the table, you need not worry about cleaning up the plastic pieces. Both the 24-inch and 32-inch variants have detachable legs making them easy to assemble.

The Infinity Table includes an HD touchscreen for easy operability. Also, to mesmerize you, it offers personalized dynamic zoom viewing and responsive tactile feedback. Board Game enthusiasts now get to enjoy an immersive experience. More so, you get stellar WiFi connectivity and interactive content through the app store. The invaluable aspect is the online functionality that makes this one stand out from the crowd.

Coming to the games, it features the digital versions of up to 30 classic and iconic games, including Monopoly, a childhood favourite and go-to of the many. Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit and Candy Land are some of the other games. Additionally, users can play puzzles and card games. Furthermore, it includes colouring books, mini-games, comic books. In no time will you be blessed with more good news with indie and licensed games.

With that said, the gaming table is an excellent start towards enjoying virtual board gaming. Considering that many are sceptical about gathering in person for gaming nights, this allows people from the world to get together and rejoice over board games such as Monopoly; In all, this Infinity Game Table perfectly mimics the one used for physical (or in-person) gaming night experience.

5.) Xbox Mini Fridge

It is Xbox and Chill with this fine piece of gaming hardware. And good news galore for an Xboxer! The Xbox mini bridge is not a gaming console; it is not a gaming accessory as such. It is more of a support or ancillary item. The mini-fridge allows avid gamers to store and chill their beverages while gaming. Xbox developer, Microsoft, wrapped up the event on a good note with this one. So, now you can enjoy your postgame chill sessions.

6.) Xbox Streaming Stick

Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, and Phil Spencer, Xbox head, revealed the Xbox ecosystem expansion plan by introducing the streaming stick. Like the Chromecast for OTT platforms or the dongle, gamers can now hook up this streaming stick to televisions and xCloud gaming service to enjoy anywhere gaming. This announcement aligns with the company’s vision of gaming being less of a console and more of a subscription-based endeavour.

7.) The Legend of Zelda Game & Watch

The watch, priced at $49.95, is designed in line with Nintendo’s perpetual winner. The Zelda-themed watch has a retro and vintage feel that takes you back in time. More so, it sports a link-themed version of the classic game, along with Vermin, the watch game. The out-of-the-box hardware makes for an excellent collectable and a souvenir for enthusiasts. The small size makes it portable and adds to the charm. A standout aspect is that the gadget can be used as an interactive medium or a clock when not in play.

Closing Words

Overall, the E3 gaming expo was a prolific one that brought several innovations to the video gaming arena. Given the uncertain times, the event was held virtually. These devices further delved into the convenience factor, including storage and cooling beverages, virtual board gaming sessions, profound visuals and touchscreen effects, better control and precision and enhanced performance.

If this is what the future is like, we’re all up for it.