Ring x Mila Pro Programme

Scale up your business by becoming a Mila Professional

You get to finally install Ring devices and make an extra 850£/month*

You're a certified electrician who completed the Ring training? You're at the perfect place!

Register on Mila, log in to our app and start receiving service requests in your region. Each time a new request pops up nearby, we send you a push notification. It's then your decision to accept or decline the job - total freedom.

*gains if you complete 4 jobs a week or 16 a month.

Win new customers without any acquisition costs

Get access to exclusive training to stay up to date with tech

Get paid within 4 weeks without having to take care of invoicing

Register and start completing jobs

1) Accept a request

When a customer books a service near you, we send you a push via the Mila app. If the request suits you, then accept it and contact the customer by phone.

2) Complete the job

Depending on the booking, support the client remotely by video call or go there at the desired date and time. At the end of the service, gets their signature via the Mila app.

3) Get paid

Wave goodbye to your happy customer, ask for a rating and receive your payout directly on your bank account and... get ready for your next service.

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