Netatmo: an independent player smartening up your home.

The smart home device market is a crowded one; the wide range of manufacturers makes it confusing, but at the same time, an exciting place! The varied, innovative technology players offer buyers a massive array of smart home gadgets brimming with original features and designed to polished perfection. One of these is Netatmo, a French technology company under the Legrand brand – that brings together high-tech industry innovations and Parisian design aesthetics to develop intuitive and beautiful smart home devices. 

Here’s a quick peek at their portfolio

  • Home Security 

Netatmo offers a complete range of security solutions that cover all areas of the home and perimeter security. These include indoor and outdoor cameras, door and window sensors, smart locks, video doorbells, alarm systems such as intruder alerts, smoke alarm, and more. 

  • Smart Heating Systems

The company offers several smart heating solutions that give homeowners control over their heating costs and energy consumption. Two Netatmo home must-haves are smart thermostats and smart radiator valves.

  • Smart Weather Systems

With the help of the smart weather station from Netatmo and its accessories, you can measure, evaluate and understand data about your inner and outer environment in order to adjust your daily rhythm accordingly and improve comfort at home. The weather station is chock-full of features and contains sensors that monitor temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, CO2 concentration, noise pollution, and more. The system is especially useful when hooked up with a notification/alert channel of your choice. 

  • Smart Air care 

Monitor your home’s environment with Netatmo’s indoor air quality monitor. The sensors in the device highlight environment-related problems and even give you solutions to fix them. For example, if a family member has asthma, the air monitor can monitor the humidity and give you suggestions to take remedial measures.

Why Netatmo? 

What makes Netatmo stand part in the packed smart home market? To find the answer, we decided to investigate its client testimonials on social media, and here is the gist of all the things users loved most about Netatmo products.

  • The DIY installation was praised by most, and people loved how intuitive the products were to use. 

  • The beautiful, minimalistic design got a big thumbs up.

  • The security systems were appreciated for charging no extra fees or monthly subscriptions

  • Its weather station was voted extremely useful, especially with the robust IFTTT solutions. Many people found its health home coach suggestions on-point and saw real improvement in health by following them.

And finally, we would like to add one! Netatmo is highly awarded (20 CES awards, 5 Plus X awards, 3 A’design Awards, and more between 2012-2018) and is widely recognized by industry giants as a hub for innovation and high-quality smart home tech. 

If you are shopping around for some smart home gadgets, then do browse through their catalog. They deliver across most of the European Union and to the United States, Canada, and Mexico with a 60-day return guarantee! What could be safer? And in case you want to be doubly sure before you pay, you can always ask a Mila Professional. We are here to help you with your decision and to install your new Netatmo products! Just book our Netatmo services on