What Happened at the Apple WWDC 2021?

The Worldwide Developers Conference or WWDC is a yearly developer-focused event organised by Apple. In this event, the US-based technology giant announces its development in software and services at the keynote speech on the first day.

In this post, we will touch base on all the major highlights at the WWDC 2021.

The WWDC 2021 took place between June 7 and 11, 2021, and began with a keynote event, where Apple revealed its future launches.

Why WWDC is an Important Event?

WWDC is an event that Apple organises every year for its developer partners, an unrelenting force who create the software, mobile apps that run on the iPhone, Mac, and other Apple platforms.

All the updates the Apple shares during the event are not only important for the developers, but even people using Apple devices watch the keynote presentation with a lot of interest.

In the past WWDCs, Apple unveiled its hardware products, including the new iMac Pro in 2017 and Mac Pro in 2019. However, at WWDC 2021, the main focus was on software.
Some Apple fans might have been disappointed that the brand did not talk about brand new Macs with Apple M1X or M2 processors. It means they have to wait a bit longer to see those products. Until then, they will get to see the announced products from the company towards the end of 2021.

At the week-long event, the remaining days of WWDC had networking events and workshops for developers. However, like the WWDC 2020, these parts of the event were quite different than the standard arrangement, as they took place online.

What were Apple’s Announcements at WWDC 2021?

At the event, Apple gave a preview of the software updates it has planned for the coming months, giving developers and followers a glimpse at the new features for a range of Apple products.

iOS 15

The first in the list that Apple walked us through is iOS 15, which will come with the following features:

  • FaceTime Links.

  • Use of keys and ID cards in the wallet, Interactive memories within images.

  • Apple Maps with a new night mode.

  • Live Text.

  • Notifications Summary

  • Focus

  • Better Siri support (Offline).

iPadOS 15

In recent times, Apple came up with iPadOS as a major development after splitting it off from iOS in 2019.

Both the platforms still have similarities in many ways, but the upcoming changes explained in iPadOS 15 at the keynote were more inclined towards defining its user experience and unique aesthetics that will be more suitable for the small and medium-sized iPad screens.

Also, Apple introduced a larger widget size for the additional screen of iPads, along with new widgets for apps such as Find My Photo and Files.

watchOS 8

The latest version of the watchOS operating system will come loaded with a reworked health experience. It will include a new Mindfulness app, integrated with the existing Breathe app, added with a new Reflect experience.

According to Apple, the Photos watch face has become popular among users. So, the new portrait watch face in watchOS 8 can use the data from portrait shots users take on iPhone/iPad and use it for a more cohesive appearance.

macOS Monterey

The update by App macOS Monterey at WWDC was not exactly a surprise because we all knew that the company has been testing macOS 12 for quite some time. Although a few of the improvements were undoubtedly slick.

Apple has never called the new version of macOS "macOS 12." Instead, the company came up with a new name for the update as "Monterey."

tvOS 15

There are a lot of discussions going on right now about the Apple TV. The company might launch an Apple TV that could work as a games console as well.


A short discussion during the WWDC keynote was about additional functionality in AirPods.
The Conversation Boost feature will help those people who face difficulties in hearing to follow conversations by helping lower the background noise and amplifying speech.


iCloud+ is more like a rebranding by changing the name of Apple’s iCloud plans to iCloud+ and with a few additional benefits.

The benefits include more security for online browsing with encryption and Hide my Email where users will get unlimited temporary email addresses. Additionally, there are mailing lists that will automatically forward emails to your original email address. You can cancel or delete them after viewing.

Mac Pro

We thought WWDC could have been the right event to talk about the next version of the Mac Pro. However, we still have to wait until 2022 for its launch. Surprisingly, Apple never mentioned Mac Pro at WWDC.

Mac Mini

When Apple launched the Mac Mini with the M1 chip in November 2020, it already had an Intel-powered Mac Mini model in the pipeline. However, it looks like Apple may come up with an upgrade on this with a more advanced chip, though we have to wait and see.

14” MacBook Pro

The 14” MacBook Pro (2.0GHz) is set for an Apple Silicon upgrade, along with a new design. This version of the MacBook Pro is likely to come equipped with the new M1X Chip.

16” MacBook Pro

An update of the 16” MacBook Pro is still pending since its launch in November 2019. Apple users expect that there will be a more powerful processor than the M1, which is currently part of consumer Macs. It could be the M2 or M1X chip. However, Apple did not come up with any update on it at WWDC.

32” iMac

We saw updates on the smaller iMac, but what about the larger iMac?

Apple will most probably come up with a redesign of the 27” iMac similar to the 24” model and a larger 30” or 32” display. However, we may have to wait for a few months for that upgrade.

Beats Studio Buds

We did not hear about it at WWDC. However, Apple launched the new Beats Studio Ear Buds on June 24, 2021, at $149.99 in Beats Red, Black, and White. These wireless ear buds come with active noise cancellation, long battery life (8 hours), transparency mode, and more.

Closing Words

That is all for WWDC 2021. You can get more details about Apple's future updates in 2021 here.