Which Apple Laptop Should I Buy?

Apple's MacBooks have been fascinating consumers since the machines’ launch on June 28, 2006, due to their smooth performance and aesthetic appeal. Back then, MacBooks came with Intel Core Duo Processor and a945 GM chipset.

Now, the company has entered a new era. In 2020, Apple launched a new set of MacBooks. The difference in these Apple Macs was that the company used the self-produced M1 chip instead of Intel Chips.

Similar to iPhones, MacBooks have the ARM architecture, which givesApple more control over software and hardware. Also, it makes these laptops more power-efficient, high-performing, and has long battery life.

Picking a MacBook is more difficult now because customers have the option to buy both new M1 chip-powered and old Intel-run MacBooks that are still available on the market.

MacBook Pro vs. MacBook Air

These days, Apple MacBook laptops come with more options. You can either go for a 13” MacBook Air, or 13”/16” MacBook Pro models. So, it isa tough choice to make, as Apple is offering some of the models with IntelProcessors and others with M1 chip.

The main question that crops up, “What to buy, MacBook Pro vs. MacBookAir?” In this post, we will try to answer that question. When you have a choice between the MacBook Air, a couple of 13” MacBook Pro versions, and the 16” MacBook Pro, which one is worth buying?

We will compare the specifications, performance, battery life, and other features to help you decide which MacBook will be ideal for you. As we know, Apple Macs do not come cheap. So, before spending your hard-earned money on them, it is better to review everything in detail.

Apple has introduced its new 14” MacBook Pro and 16” MacBook Pro models with an M-series chip that comes with 12 cores. Particularly, this change has perhaps made MacBook Pro the best Apple laptop so far, due to its high-performing features.

MacBook Air 13.3”

The new crops of MacBook Air 13.3” laptops offer nearly everything you would want in an Apple laptop due to their integrated M1 chip. They offer enhanced performance and long battery life.

The new MacBook Air battery can now last for almost 14 hours, making it one of the laptops with the longest battery life. 

On top of it, MacBook Air (16GB RAM) has proved to be lightning-fast on the Geekbench 5 test compared to Intel Core laptops and the Surface Laptop 3.

The keyboard of the new MacBook Air is comfortable, smooth, and reliable than the previous Air versions with Butterfly keyboards. If you compare both the keyboards, you are likely to find the new one way better because of its enhanced layout and finer keys.

The MacBook Air screen has a sharp 2560 x 1600-pixel resolution. The laptop also comes with the P3 range of colors range for an even better tone, which can adjust the color temperature according to the lighting conditions.

The 720p webcam of the new MacBook Air is an upgrade due to the latest M1 chip. Also, the Touch ID feature makes unlocking the system easier.

Besides all the good things, the MacBook Air 13.3” has a couple of cons too. Right now, this version is not quite lightweight or compact. It does not have an IR for facial recognition and has got USB Type-A ports. It means you need to have an adapter.

MacBook Pro 13.3”

The MacBook Pro 13.3” comes equipped with the power of the new M1 chip. It is a slim laptop. The keyboard in this laptop is smooth. Although the MacBook Air 13.3” has the same M1 chip, it runs longer than MacBook Air and performs more tasks since it has a fan inside it to cool things downs.  

This laptop does not slip up a bit when it comes to processing speed and does way better than XPS 13, HP Spectre, and Asus ZenBook when tested on the Geekbench 5.

MacBook Pro 13.3” is a bit on the heavier side when compared to the MacBook Air, but you will get longer battery life. After the testing, the MacBook Pro battery lasted for more than 16 hours, more than 2 hours than MacBook Air 13.3”. That puts MacBook Pro 13.3” is way ahead of its competitors. 

This laptop has both a Touch ID sensor and a Touch Bar. It comes with an improved 720p webcam, which is similar to the MacBook Air.

Considering its significant price upgrade the MacBook Pro 13” should have more than two Thunderbolt 3 ports. But the ports are the same as the MacBook Air 13.” Apple may have to justify later why for some moderate upgrades, consumers will shell out more money for Pro instead of MacBook Air.

MacBook Pro 16”

Similar to the 15” version, the MacBook Pro 16” works like a dream, be it managing 4K video editing projects or handling RAW photos. The laptop comes with three H-series (9th Gen) Intel CPUs, which are a Core i7 6-core (2.6 GHz), a Core i9 8-core (2.3GHz), and a Core i9 8-core (2.4GHz) chip.

The configuration of the laptop includes an AMD Radeon Pro 5300M graphics card (4GB VRAM), which you can upgrade to a 5500M GPU with 4 GB or 8 GB memory. It has four Thunderbolt 3 ports so that you can plug in other devices.

The retina display on the MacBook Pro 16” looks more beautiful with a 3072 x 1920-resolution panel. The screen appears vivid, bright, and clear.

The laptop has a more traditional keyboard with a scissor mechanism instead of a butterfly-style keyboard.

On top of it, this version of the laptop offers outstanding sound quality with its 6-speaker system. When it comes to battery, the MacBook Pro 16” lasted for nearly 11 hours in the battery test, which is great considering its features, power, and performance.

Surprisingly, a feature-packed laptop like MacBook Pro 16” does not offer the facility to plug-in SD cards. It will make professional photographers upset, as they have to get a card reader and use one of the Thunderbolt 3 ports. Also, there are no full-size USB ports.

Is it the Right Time to Buy An Apple MacBook Now?

Yes, you can buy a MacBook laptop now depending on your requirements and price preference. If you wish to experience the power-packed performance of the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro that come with the latest M1 chip, you can easily buy now. The MacBook Air 13.3”, MacBook Pro 13.3” and 16” are available on the Apple website, and the leading online retail stores such as Amazon, Best Buy, and others.