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What we can do for you

Challenge for Businesses

Customers need help for installation, support and training on their devices. This demand is a huge service challenge for tech businesses.

1. We cover your market with trained experienced service providers.

2. We offer service on demand so your customers can use their device right away.

3. We guarantee a 5-star service quality to an affordable price.

The Mila Effect

Lower your cost up to 20% V2

Reduce the number of contacts, AHT, CaC and easily shift your customer requests to the Mila Crowd.

Increase SCAT/ NPS up to 40%

Increase your CSAT through best customer experience and reduce churn through on demand service.

Increase sales

Your sales gonna get up through a suitable on demand service for your products.


Chris Viatte
Founder | CEO


Hanspeter Weidmann