Our review of the first all-digital CES edition.

Our review of the first all-digital CES edition.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, CES 2021 occurred completely online. Nevertheless, top tech brands still announced their latest technologies and best tech devices that will rule the future.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a prominent global technology event, which has been displaying path-breaking future technologies by leading organisations and innovators since 1967. 

CES is the place is where the largest tech brands in the world interact to learn about innovations, discuss future business alliances, and consult the brightest minds.

Coronavirus and its consequences.

Until January 2020, CES took place in Las Vegas with hundreds of tech enterprises and thousands of attendees. However, CES 2021 that was scheduled from January 11-18 occurred online due to the ongoing pandemic. It means CES was the first all-digital edition, a shift from swanky venues to a virtual event.  

In this post, we have rounded up the major CES highlights, including the participants, the best tech devices, technologies, and gadgets that are going to make waves in the future.

Who participated and what happened.

CES is an ideal place for technology enterprises to highlight their latest line of products. Even in the all-virtual version this year, some of the big names took part.

The technology themes at CES 2021 revolved around 5G, AI, Internet of Things (IoT), and extended reality technologies. 

This year’s event was a roundup of accelerated digital transformation during the past one year. These technologies are likely to create new consumer trends and services, including smart buildings, devices, autonomous/electric vehicles, virtual worlds, and eSports.

A glance at the major highlights in this year's CES outlined the following major trends:

· Electronic devices, including TVs, laptops, and smartphones of the future with advanced features
· AI advancements and machine learning
· Improved display technologies for power consumption, material science, and form factors
· Innovative electric and autonomous vehicles
· Extended reality such as augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and virtual reality (VR)
· Environmental themes revolving around using technologies for sustainability
· Advancements in digitisation supporting smart homes and connected devices.


The global giant in home electronics and smartphones unveiled its upcoming product line-up, including: 

· 110-inch Micro LED
· Samsung Bespoke 4-Door Flex refrigerator with adjustable functions
· Lifestyle TV with a movie-like 4K laser projector
· JetBot 90 AI+ vacuum cleaner with object recognition technology for cleaning
· Samsung Bot™ Handy6 with advanced AI, which can pick objects of various sizes and help in household chores
· Samsung Bot™ Care5 with a feature to recognise and respond to user behaviour.

Besides, Samsung products dominated Day 4 of CES 2021 with announcements on Samsung Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and Galaxy S21 Ultra.


Sony unveiled its upcoming range of hi-tech TV models for 2021 with PlayStation 5's fancy HDMI 2.1 features. 

Besides, the company announced a series of innovations:

· Airpeak aircraft design with Sony's Alpha™ full-frame mirrorless camera
· Crystal LED series with a high-performing image quality processor "X1™ for Crystal LED
· The latest BRAVIA XR with Cognitive Processor XR, which reflects human cognitive intelligence and characteristics
· PlayStation®5 with an integrated custom I/O, 3D audio technology, ultra-high-speed SSD, and DualSense™ Wireless Controller.

Sony also announced on Spatial Reality Display, which reproduces spatial images in three-dimensions and Xperia 5 II 5G-enabled smartphone with a pro full-scale camera.


Asus came up with announcements with its latest range of laptops, which are:

· Asus ExpertBook B9 with features including a 66Whr battery claiming to provide 13 hours of productivity and 20 hours of video playback, and two-way AI noise-cancelling technology for video conferencing.
· Asus ExpertBook B1 equipped with 11th Gen Intel Core i7 processors along with Intel Iris Xe graphics, up to 8 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD, and up to 2TB HDD.
· Asus BR1100 - Asus BR1100C and the Asus BR1100F laptops have a rubber bumper and are military-grade certified. They have a modular design for easy repair and comes with noise cancellation and a webcam shield for secure remote learning.
· Asus ExpertCenter D7 and Asus ExpertCenter D5 SFF laptops with up to 128 GB memory, an ultra-compact, 9-liter form-factor, and a range of high-quality NVIDIA GeForce and Quadro graphics options.

Asus is yet to announce the pricing of these laptops. Besides, the company also highlighted a series of ultraportable ROG (gamer) ROG (gamer), and TUF (consumer) laptops at the event. 


LG announced its LG Ultra series monitors at CES 2021:

· LG UltraGear Gaming Monitors with variants including, 27GP950, 32GP850, and 34GP950G. All three of them feature Nano IPS 1-millisecond Gray-to-Gray (GTG) displays and a wide colour gamut.
· LG UltraWide Monitor featuring a 40-inch curved Nano IPS display with 5K2K UltraWide resolution and 21:9 aspect ratio. 
· LG UltraFine Display OLED Pro (model 32EP950) is mainly for visual effects artists and producers. The monitor comes with a 31.5-inch 4K OLED panel that has a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1.

Additionally, the Korean giant also unveiled the world's first Eyesafe-certified TV to minimise blue light emissions and its webOS 6.0 TV software for TVs. 

But who, besides tech brands, can participate.

CES has always been a trade-only event, which means even the all-digital CES 2021 was not open to the public. Only people who are 18-years or older, and associated with the consumer tech industry, were allowed to attend the event. Besides, family and friends, and children under 18, related to attendees had permission to attend. 

New hope for 2021.

The year 2021 has begun with new hopes and aspirations after the turmoil of the coronavirus pandemic. However, the brighter side of this otherwise grim situation has been fast and compressed digital transformation. We have been witnessing accelerated cloud adoption, digital commerce, AI, and automation. CES 2021 showed a glimpse of those innovative technologies in the consumer space, which will redefine the future.