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Earn money with your technical skills
Earn money with your technical skills

Help People That Need Tech Support


Mila connects tech-savvy private individuals with people who have questions about their tech products. On, you can create a Mila Friend profile and start earning money quickly and easily using your technical skills.

Thousands of people are already part of the Mila Service Crowd and help people with the installation, troubleshooting or explanation of technical products.

Once registered, you can also help our partners’ clients:

This Is How Mila Works

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Earn with tech skills

You already have everything you need to work: your technical know-how.

Connect with others

Become a Mila Friend and network with other tech-savvy people.

Work flexibly

You decide which customer requests you accept and when you work.

Easy payment

Get paid on-site, or securely go cash free on Mila.

Easy management

Use our Mila App to manage service requests when you’re out and about.

You are not alone

We are here for you. If something doesn’t work out, we’re happy to help.