Beekeeper selects Mila as their Mobile Platform Training Partner

Zürich, Switzerland (10 August, 2021) – Mila Inc., the European leader of on-demand technical support, and Beekeeper, the mobile-first collaboration platform designed specifically for frontline workers, have announced a partnership. Beekeeper has selected Mila as their exclusive service provider for customers in multiple industries, including hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare, caregivers, construction, and other mobile workforce industries.

Companies with a large number of non-desk employees face challenges in keeping them up to date with the rest of the organisation. Beekeeper’s mobile platform connects operational and communication channels with one secure platform accessible by both mobile and desktop devices, simplifying operations while keeping employees connected and engaged.

“We are honored that Beekeeper has selected Mila as their training services partner and for entrusting us with their global customer base,” says Christian Viatte, CEO and co-founder of Mila, Inc. “As a service provider operating in five countries, we understand that employee communication within a large non-desk workforce is key to employee cohesion and satisfaction as well as successful customer relationships.”

Mila’s highly-rated crowdsourced workforce will provide Beekeeper’s new customers with basic onboarding workshops as well as enhanced workshop training over multiple sessions. The companies are making future plans for Mila to have the ability to offer Beekeeper services to their global base of small-to-medium-sized (SMBs) businesses, and for Mila’s tech support services to be accessible in the Beekeeper application for their customers.

"Starting the collaborating with MILA was a crucial part of our expansion strategy," explains Cris Grossmann, CEO and co-founder of Beekeeper. "Our mission is to make life better and easier for as many frontline workers as possible. For this mission, we need strong partners like Mila to help us along the way. We are excited to work together and build a strong relationship that directly benefits our highly-valued customers."

The collaboration will be launched in Switzerland, where both companies are headquartered. For more information on Beekeeper onboarding workshops by Mila, visit our website.

About Mila

Since 2016 Mila has been delivering real-time, vetted, on-demand neighborhood tech support. Mila expanded from Switzerland into new markets through a network of strong retail and enterprise partnerships, offering services in Germany, Austria, France, and the UK.

About Beekeeper

Beekeeper’s mobile platform is the single point of contact for your frontline workforce. With all communications and tools in one place, teams can improve business agility, productivity, and safety. Teams can resolve issues faster and manage non-routine work more efficiently, thanks to an intuitive employee experience and seamless integrations.