What tech gifts to do this Christmas.

Almost every day-to-day product today has a hint of tech in it. Whether it is your morning coffee, strolling with your baby, or dog walking, these activities can happen with technology. There is an application or tool for almost everything, from yoga sessions to cooking your meals. This Christmas, choose a thoughtful gift that saves a trip to the store and the trouble of dodging pushy sales representatives. Below are some innovative gifting options from the tech territory. 

Temperature Control Smart Mug

This temperature-controlled mug is perfect for coffee lovers. When fully charged, it can keep your coffee piping hot for up to 80 minutes. What’s more, its newly designed charging coaster allows you to keep the beverage hot throughout the day. You can also choose the preferred temperature. You can further control it through your smartphone. Pair it up with the application, and you get to customise presets, receive notifications, and more. Another speciality is it can sense when to turn on and off. The best part? You can extend the battery life. All you got to do is pour hot liquid into the mug. The mug comes as a package and includes a charging coaster, adapter and an instructions guide to get you started.

Smart Dog Collar

Perfect for dog-owners. They can now keep their pet healthy, hearty and happy using this tech-y collar. It is like a smartphone for your dog. This Smart Dog Collar also has access to the Pet Poison Helpline and provides a 24/7 animal poison control centre. Like a flagship phone, it comes with an extended warranty and a size guarantee. With this one, all your worries are at bay! Its GPS comes with nationwide location tracking. You can also set activity goals as per the age, breed and size of your dog. Doing so allows an accurate account of daily activity. You get to explore the outdoors as well! Enjoy a day in the wild through special walks, hikes and other adventures alike. Health and safety come first. And this is where the temperature alerts kick in. If the dog’s environment seems too hot or cold, you will be alerted. The strong battery life can last up to 3 days. 

Sous Vide Precision Cooker

Often hear your chefs and cook friends getting worked up about over- or undercooking your meals? Do not fret! The Sous Vide Precision cooker comes to the rescue. No matter what’s on your menu, it circulates the water at the exact temperature for churning out perfect meals. You can attain the desired taste and texture across the board. Be it chicken, fish, vegetables, eggs, lamb, or pork. Plus, you can lock in the flavour and moisture during the cooking process. With this one, you can easily cater to a table of four. 

How does it work? All you got to do is attach the cooker to any stockpot or container (make sure they have a fixed clamp) and fill it with water. Then add your food and cook it using the built-in controls. Alternatively, you can also use your phone (via Bluetooth connectivity) through the application. 

Stroller Power Hook

If your gifting list has someone who just became a parent, the stroller power hook is a great choice. Make this thoughtful gift that can wipe away their worries. Take it from any parent - raising kids eats up a lot of battery. But, not anymore! This hook is a power bank and has enough oomph to charge your smartphone multiple times. The best part? It doubles up as a bag hook for the stroller handle. It is excellent for on-the-go mommies. She can stroll with her little one while hanging the bags and charge your electronic devices.

Nadi X Smart Yoga Pants

For fitness and yoga-enthusiastic loved ones, this set of pants are an excellent gift this Christmas. The yoga pants are proof that wearable smart devices apart from bulky watches do exist. These have haptic technology that guides you through your yoga sessions. It does so through embedded sensors that perform vibrations and accelerometers around the hips, knees and ankle areas. Through this personalised technology, you can enjoy a private yoga experience with complete solitude. What’s more, these yoga pants include ‘the Pulse’, a rechargeable module, a USB charging cable, and a custom-designed storage box. When paired up with an application, you get access to about 40 poses and accompanying music. 

PhoneSoap UV-C Sanitizer

During the pandemic, both phones and sanitisers have both become a necessity. So, here is a product that combines both of these into one item. As reality stands, smartphones are high-touch objects. So, how does this product work? The PhoneSoap sanitiser uses UV-C ultraviolet light technology to safely clean all the germs that sit on your devices while also charging them. And the best part? The germs and bacteria get eliminated in 10 minutes. This sanitiser features a compact design that makes it portable. Also, it is compatible with different gadgets. 

Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses

You can now become a beach all-rounder with these Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses. The frames comprise high-quality speakers that allow you to take calls, listen to music and protect your eyes. A techy gift to flaunt at the beachfront, perhaps? Your beach enthusiastic loved ones will jump up with joy! To begin with, it has a scratch-resistant coating. The sunglasses have a battery life of up to 3.5 hours and a charge time of 2 hours. It is compatible with Google and Siri. Also, you get to enjoy a wireless range of up to 30 metres. 

Parting Words

So explore the new range of techy gifts this Christmas. Make your celebrations thoughtful, valuable and memorable by getting into the tech zone. Embrace the power of data and connectivity, and give an upgrade to your relationships with your loved ones.