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Mila connects you with clients around you.
Enhance your service business or earn extra money on the side.
Mila connects you with clients around you.

Mila in a nutshell


Who are Mila’s Friends & Pros?


Mila connects tech-savvy private individuals and professional service providers with people who have questions about their tech products. On you can create a profile and quickly and easily start earning money with your technical knowledge. Join the Service Crowd!


Mila Friends are people with tech skills who can help others use their tech better. As a Mila Friend, you set up consumer electronics or troubleshoot repairs. Mila Friends need to be 18+ and able to work independently.

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As a Mila Pro, you know technical products inside and out. You’re already a professional service provider in the telecom or electronics sphere. No matter whether you have your own small business or work at a bigger service company, you can extend your business with Mila.

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What our Friends & Pros have to say


"Customers can only gain from this service. They get an experienced consultant, save money, and have a great service experience."

Sascha S.
Mila Friend

"I think it’s a great idea to help customers this way and it’s a lot of fun. What I found extraordinary is that the customer gets to decide when they want the service. Many of my customers value this a lot. I’ve already returned for follow-up service and been recommended by customers. I love showing people the possibilities enabled by technology and seeing them satisfied."

Marco C.
Mila Friend

"I think Mila’s a great idea. For me, the most exciting thing about helping people is seeing them happily using the knowledge you gave them. I have already been able to help people with various upgrades and the customers, especially the older ones, find it simply great. I am very pleased and I love #Mila."

Francesca D.
Mila Friend