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Connecting you with Local Experts when you need a job done at home


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Connecting you with Local Experts when you need a job done at home


Request a service >

What is Telstra Home Services Marketplace™?


Telstra has partnered with crowd service platform provider Mila to connect you with vetted, independent Local Experts. Get convenient help with home services and tech support.


Who are the Local Experts?

Licensed Professionals

Licensed Professionals are small businesses qualified to provide home services in your local area. Service packages include home technology installations, electrical services and smart home solutions.

Talented Individuals

(Coming soon)

Talented Individuals are passionate about helping their local community and can confidently assist you with home technology problems. Services include installations, repairs and troubleshooting, including AV/TV setup, sound systems and streaming services.

Interested in becoming a Local Expert? Find out more.

Why should I use Telstra Home Services Marketplace?

Quick response

Get convenient help with home services and tech support - you will be contacted within 24 hours.

Einfache Bedienung

In just a few clicks you can book your service online and get in touch with your Local Expert. We've created a range of service packages with clear inclusions.

Flexible appointments

Experts are flexible and can work to your schedule, as agreed.

Vetted local experts

Our local experts have been Police checked, plus our customer rating helps ensure high service quality.

Simple payment

You can pay the local expert at your home or cashfree online.

Customer support

If you need to speak with someone you can contact us by phone or email.

How does it work

1. Anfrage erstellen

Choose the home service package you want and then fill out your contact information. 

2. Receive a call from an expert

You will be matched with a Local Expert and they will contact you to set up an appointment.

3. Expert completes job

Wenn der Auftrag erledigt ist, erhalten Sie eine Rechnung über den vereinbarten Preis.

4. Pay and

You can pay by credit card and rate and review your Local Expert online.